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Celeste in the Press

CanvasRebel Magazine | December 19, 2022
"Meet Courtney Kelly" Interview
Every Heart Every Woman | December 7, 2022
Host: Karla Nivens
"She's Inspiring the Next Generation"

Available via podcast or on YouTube
Space to Build | November 9, 2022
Host: Kathryn (Hart) Tinnesz
"Why Sharing Your Story Matters"

Available via podcast
Why Sharing Your Story MattersSpace to Build
00:00 / 32:25
Construction Inclusion Week | October 21, 2022
Surprise visit to Mattahunt E
lementary School's
5th Grade Class sponsored by AGC MA
VoyageDallas | September 29, 2022
"Conversations with Courtney Kelly"
WBOK 1230AM | August 24, 2022
Host: Graylyn Banks 
"Front Porch" Radio Interview
Front Porch Radio ShowWBOK 1230AM
00:00 / 19:10
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