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Celeste Saves the City
Now Available in English, French, German, and Spanish!

Celeste Saves the City  pulls readers into the life of a young girl forced to leave her beloved home as Hurricane Katrina threatens to flood New Orleans. Determined to make a difference in the future, she sets her sights on becoming a civil engineer. Using concepts from her studies, Celeste figures out how to protect the wetlands that slow down flood waters during bad storms and hurricanes. 

Filled with elements of civil engineering concepts, while paying homage to the “Big Easy”, this semi-autobiographical tale elevates the need for continued efforts to protect coastal cities from the impact of catastrophic weather events.

English: Celeste Saves the City

Hardcover | ISBN 978-0-578-31519-5

Paperback | ISBN 978-0-578-35170-4​

eBook | ISBN 978-0-578-31520-1​​

French: Céleste sauve la ville

Hardcover | ISBN 979-8-9870036-3-3

Paperback | ISBN 979-8-9870036-4-0

eBook | ISBN 979-8-9870036-5-7

German: Celeste rettet die Stadt

Hardcover | ISBN 979-8-9870036-0-2

Paperback | ISBN 979-8-9870036-1-9

eBook | ISBN 979-8-9870036-2-6

Spanish: Celeste salva la ciudad

Hardcover | ISBN 979-8-9870036-6-4

Paperback | ISBN 979-8-9870036-7-1

eBook | ISBN 979-8-9870036-8-8

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"The book is delightful! I especially love that the solution to the flooding problem was restoration of the wetlands area. This book would be great to share with elementary school librarians, science teachers, and environmental groups. The illustrations are beautiful. Great choice in illustrator!"

Dr. Linda Cook,

President, National Science Education Leadership Association



This book follows my own path from evacuating my home in 2005 as Hurricane Katrina headed towards New Orleans. At the time, I remember thinking "why do we have to leave?" It was my sophomore year of high school and with the prospect of college ahead, civil engineering became the field that I would go into with the hope of discovering ways to mitigate damage from similar events.  Many years later, while driving back to Dallas after spending time with family in Louisiana, Celeste Saves the City was born. Seeking to expose children to civil engineering, the city of New Orleans, and the topic of wetland restoration, my dream of saving the city is being fulfilled through Celeste. 

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